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Condition Markers - Set of 77

Also available on Amazon with free Prime shipping! ALL IN ONE PACK: Each pack comes with 77 color-coded tabletop game condition markers for 24 different effects in different colors so you can easily know what conditions a character has without having to remember or waste space on your character sheet STEP UP YOUR GAME: Our tabletop RPG circle markers are...
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These are the best thing ever. I always forget conditions when I'm calling the action. These little rings help resolve that issue. They fit around the round, 1" Reaper bases perfectly, or hang on the larger minis so you can easily tell the conditions in play. Thank you for these ingenious accessories.

The condition markers look great and arrived promptly. Really looking forward to using these in my game!

Also appreciate the thoughtfulness of printing these in different colors, much more usable than the others I’ve seen online.

Love these little things. The words are nice and big, making them easily legible from afar, and are light enough to hang harmlessly on larger miniatures. There are a lot of fun ways to denote conditions, but this was my preferred option as it is obvious and unambiguous.