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Useful Tools for 3D Printing

  • Part Remover – tools designed for removing 3d printed parts from your build plate. These work way better than a putty knife or 5-in-1 painter’s tool.
  • Flush Cutters – removing supports, cutting zip ties, cutting filament, etc
  • Deburring Tool - Useful for removing the brim or elephant foot from your prints.
  • Digital Calipers – for measuring filament diameter and parts for designing.
  • Needle Files – part finishing. I have both the gritty as well as the scraping kind
  • Xacto Knife/Utility knife – support removal, part finishing
  • Allen Wrenches – I recommend Bondhus.**
  • Micro Connector Crimpers – Only if you’re going to be modifying/repairing your 3d printer. Highly recommend the manual ones over the ratcheting ones.
  • Brass Wire Brush - For cleaning melted plastic off your nozzle. **Don't clean hotend with it powered. If you short the thermistor to the heating element you can damage your controller**
  • Thread taps - for creating attachment points
  • Tweezers/needle-nose pliers - Good for grabbing melted plastic off your nozzle
  • Lint-free cloth - for cleaning your build surface
  • 5.5mm and 8mm wrenches/sockets - M3 bolts/nuts need a 5.5mm wrench, M5 bolts/nuts use a 8mm wrench/nut
  • Butane torch - great for getting rid of stringy wisps on your print
  • Drill - You know, for making holes in things.
  • Window Cleaner – I use this to clean my PEI sheet before I print with PETG as it leaves a film that helps PETG parts release. Otherwise, they can bond permanently with PEI or glass.
  • IPA (Rubbing Alcohol) – for cleaning my PEI sheet before printing PLA.
  • CA Glue - great for gluing parts together.
  • CA Accelerator – makes CA glue set instantly so be careful.
  • CA Glue Debonder – Because I really do mean ‘instantly’.
  • Threaded Heat-press inserts – great for adding attachment points to your prints.
  • So. Many. Zip ties. – I buy them 1,000 at a time from eBay. Get the black ones. The white/clear ones are terrible.
  • Sand Paper - multiple grits for post-processing your prints.

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