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Multiclassing: How to Double Your Fun

  • 5 min read

dnd multiclassing

Bawdy laughter rings out in the overall din of the tavern. There are people of all sorts here, swapping stories of their adventures for drinks. The coziness of the space is only amplified by the roaring fire in one corner. A bard plays expertly on his lute nearby, drawing in the crowd with shocking tales of maidens and monsters set to song. It is clear he loves the attention, giving a flourishing bow for a few claps and whistles. It isn’t much, but he’ll take what he can get.

 He takes what meager coin he is able to collect for his musical services and goes to fetch a drink. A smile from the pretty barmaid assures him he does not need to pay, and the mug of ale slides across the bar towards him. She’s a lovely thing with copper hair and a smile that is far too bright for such a dark tavern.

 He thinks it wouldn’t hurt to have some company for the evening. The barmaid laughs readily at his self-deprecating jokes and the sparkle in her eye is encouraging. He leans a bit more over the surface, about to whisper something about coming up to his room that evening when a heavy hand finds its way onto his shoulder. The man the hand belongs to is burly and looking irritably down at the lanky, freckled bard in front of him.

 The man is intimidating to say the very least. He is broader than the bard by a good margin and it looks like if a scuffle is about to break out, there will be a clear winner. However, the bard does not seem intimidated by the sight of him at all. Instead, he simply lifts his drink from the bar and drains what is left of it before resuming his conversation with the barmaid.

 The temper of the bulkier man seems to completely dissipate as he is disregarded. He goes to make his first punch only to have the bard dodge. It takes the bard only a second to readjust before his fist slams into the broader man’s face, not one, not two, but three times. The burly man looks stunned as he clutches for his face and stumbles back.

 The bard simply shakes out his knuckles and leans back against the bar. It isn’t the first time someone has underestimated him, and it will not be the last. Nobody expects the lanky entertainer to have traveled with a monk as well.

 He turns his attention once again to the barmaid with a charming grin. “So. Free this evening?”


So, you can’t handle just being the badass of one class huh? You’re the kind of person who can’t settle on just one flavor of ice cream right? I know what you’re going to say. “But oh wise one! All of the classes are so cool! How can I pick only one?” Well thank you, I know I’m wise.

 Lucky for you, you’re not the only one who can’t decide what class their character should have. There is a way you can take on two classes at once. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ll just prove it to you!


Multiclassing: How to Double Your Fun

Now, this doesn’t mean you can just take on a new class willy-nilly. To be able to take on a second class you need to already be at the ability score prerequisites for your first and second classes. Like if you were to be a bard who wants to multiclass as a monk, you’ll need to have a 13 or higher in charisma, dexterity, and wisdom.

 This also means that whatever level you’re at when you start multiclassing, you’ll start at level one in your second class. So if you’re a 5th level bard to start, when you level next you’ll be taking a single level in monk to be an overall level 6. You’ll have only one level in monk though, while you have five in bard.

 After your initial leveling, you’ll choose each time you level which class you want to level up. So you can either take the 6th level in bard or the 2nd level in monk but both classes can’t level at once. This also is largely based on experience points and the rules of the particular game you’re playing, so you may only be able to level your second class at specific times.

 While you may be taking on a level in a new class, it is important to note you won’t get all of their special starting equipment. On top of this, the features that you possess with your starting class that are already shared with your second class don’t double up.

 So don’t think you’ll be getting any extra-extra attacks or doubled up spells.

Why Should You Multiclass?

Not only is it a way to add some new tricks to your arsenal, but it can also really add some depth to your character. However they gain their second class, there should be some reasoning behind it. If you and the DM have already agreed you’ll be starting at a specific level, there may be a way to just weave it into their backstory. But if you want your character to multiclass along the way, it could be directly based on how the journey of your campaign is playing out.

 Usually, you’ll take a second class in something that will match your first class in some specific way. Like if you start off as a barbarian, you might expect to multiclass as a fighter or even a ranger because the stats align in a way that outrightly makes sense. But don’t be afraid to mix it up!

 If your campaign goes in an unexpected direction, your barbarian could very well want to multiclass as a paladin. Wouldn’t that make for an interesting story? Think of the possibilities and decide based upon what makes the most sense with your specific character. You can be as creative as you want.

 You can also decide to change your path during your campaign as well. If you decide you prefer your second class, you can always decide to change your path and leave your starter class behind. Or if you don’t like the second class you took on, you can always decide to stop after a certain point.

What Did We Learn?

There is so much more to multiclassing, but if I told you all of the secrets there would be nothing for you to learn on your own now would there? Because multiclassing is so customizable there are dozens of options for you to consider and we’d be here all day if I told you them all. So if you have your heart set on more than one class, find a way to work it into your story.

 You may find it helps your character out in some unexpected ways.


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