💫24 Different Spells and Conditions

🌟 Intuitive Colors

🧙🏻‍♂️ Designed by D&D Players

🦅Fly - 🧙‍♂️Mage Armor

🎆Faerie Fire - 💨Haste

👁‍🗨 Blur - 🤏Reduced



💯100 Pieces

🧮Condition Markers + Mob Markers

👜Clear Plastic Organizer

🎇Great gift for your DM. If you're the Dungeon Master, these are great for rewarding your players for creativity and good roleplay.

🎶With these tokens in front of them, players will remember to use Inspiration for those important rolls.

📜DM Screen Initiative Trackers

🔖Use our free web app to create your own custom labels.

🐉Initiative/Mob Tracker Rings

🎨Dual-color for readability

💣 20 Ammo Tokens (Ammo Cans)

🚧 30 Hazard Tokens (Traffic Cones)

🗳 10 Vote Tokens

🏁 1 Pole Position

🥅 Numbered 1-6 by the number of ammo cans.

🎇 Engaged
🎭 Concealed
✅ Activated
🤕 Injured
🎁Item Picked Up

Available in 25mm, 32mm, or 40mm.

Sniper, Scout, Comms, Combat, Veteran, Zealot, Medic, Leader, Heavy, Demo, Commander

Intruder Bases for Nemesis

24 ♻ Yellow GarbageCans 🥫
24 🛢Black OilDrums 🪔
24 ⛏ Brown Minecarts full of Black Coal🛤
12 ☢ Red NuclearCooling Towers⚛
1 🍱 Divided Storage Container

🧩Board game Bits




🔩Small Parts

🧩 Three Token Bowls

🎴 Two Slots for Cards

🎨 Bright Colors

4️⃣ Set of Four

Set of 10 Oil Drums in silver PLA plastic plus 3 Pallets printed in real woodfillPLA.

28mm Scale Scatter Terrain
🛢5 Barrels 
📦4 Crates
💰8 Sacks

gloomhaven treasure chests

Upgrade Your Game

🎒Multiple Inner Pockets

😻 Faux Leather

😻 Faux Leather

Red Oak

100% Merino Wool Felt


100% Merino Wool Felt

Gloomhaven Standee Bases + Modifier Deck Holder

💫 2 Slots for condition tokens
🎲🎲 Holds two 12mm d6s for tracking health
⚪16 White for regular monsters
🟡8 Yellow for elite monsters
🔴 4 Red for boss monsters

Gloomhaven standee bases with slots for condition tokens and holders for two 12mm d6s for tracking health. Includes 16 White and 8 Yellow Standee Bases. Hex is sized to be slightly smaller than Gloomhaven hex spaces (35mm from point to point, 31mm from edge to edge).
Plastic deck holder for Gloomhaven Modifier Deck. Approximately 3"x3"x2" (80mm x 80mm x 50mm).

Standee Bases designed by Wildbot3D, remixed for tighter hold from Gloomhaven Monster Standee Base (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3182940) by DaHa89, which is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.
Modifier Deck Holder for Gloomhaven (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2865645) by RobagoN is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.


Gloomhaven®, Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion®, and Frosthaven® are registered trademarks of  Cephalofair Games® LLC, which is not associated or related to Wildbot3D® in any way. Use of such names without mention of trademark status should not be construed as a challenge to such status.