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Includes 5 "inspiration" tokens for D&D. The top side has a relief of a D20 and the underside has the outline of a D20 with the word "INSPIRATION" laid over top. Having a physical representation for players makes getting inspiration more significant. Also reminds players it is there to use if needed.

Approximate size: Ø1.5" x 0.38" tall

3D Printed Parts are not like Injection Molded Parts. The surface will show extrusion rings, artifacts, blemishes and other signs of plastic extrusion. This will occur with any 3D Printed parts using the FDM method of printing as we do. Slanted and curved vertical (Z-Axis) surfaces will show more extrusions, artifacts, blemishes, and signs of plastic extrusion than flatter parts. This in no way deters from the functionality of the part. All parts are inspected prior to shipment.
Inspiration Token by runswithscssors is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.


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