💫24 Different Spells and Conditions

🌟 Intuitive Colors

🧙🏻‍♂️ Designed by D&D Players

💯100 Pieces

🧮Condition Markers + Mob Markers

👜Clear Plastic Organizer

💯100 Rings

✨Inspiration Token

💣 20 Ammo Tokens (Ammo Cans)

🚧 30 Hazard Tokens (Traffic Cones)

🗳 10 Vote Tokens

🏁 1 Pole Position

Shiny Math Rocks! Click-Clack!

Initiative/Mob Tracker Rings

Easily track initiative by placing these numbered rings around your minis so that everyone at the table can see. Includes fifteen rings numbered 1-15 printed in red with black numbers for readability.


Get these + our Condition Rings in a handy organizer with our extended Master's Set!