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dnd condition rings


"These are an amazing item, my players loved them and they help keep things rolling!" –Jeremy Jones

“These are great for those who play dnd in real life. They really help players and DMs remember what’s going on.” –Rebecca


“I was continually forgetting which characters are concentrating, and which needed to roll each round to break a condition. Not anymore!” –Joe

“These are the best thing ever. I always forget conditions when I’m calling the action. These little rings resolve that issue.” –Dan Garcia

Wildbot3D Condition Markers

Want to take your tabletop gaming to a whole new level?

 Your heroes are taking on an evil sorcerer who dishes out wave after wave of spells and curses. The battle is exciting and tense, which is how all tabletop RPG sessions should feel like--if only they weren't bogged down by constantly having to update character sheets to reflect status effects.

 If you want to enjoy fast-paced and thrilling DND skirmishes, using these effect rings is the way to go.

 Immerse yourself in epic battles and dungeon raids with the Wildbot3D DND Condition Markers.

 Update different status effects without constantly writing and erasing details on your character sheet. 

⚔️ Combat Synergy 🏹

• Players can make better decisions for combat/role play when it is obvious what conditions are active.

• Other players are not looking at your sheet, but they all have eyes on the minis.

📖 Better Story Engagement 🐉

“Allows players to focus on their turns rather than try to remember status effects.” –Schexy89

• Using conditions to aid the narrative improves the game for the whole group. Harness the full potential of conditions to create an awesome story!