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WildBot3D - DnD Condition Rings for Dungeons and Dragons (Full 77 Piece Set)

A Better Gaming Experience

Are you looking to instantly elevate your RPG experience while playing Dungeons and Dragons or other tabletop fantasy games?

Do you want a way for both new and veteran players to quickly identify conditions, spells, traps and more?

🐉 EASILY SEEN BY ALL - Your entire gaming group will love these easy to read condition markers. Our full set contains 77 color coded 5th Edition compatible markers to help you track effects without messy paper sheets. Everyone at the table will know what buffs/debuffs are active. No more backtracking because you forgot to apply a d4 from BLESSED to a players attack roll. (No more " do you want to do this?")

⚔️ FITS MOST MINIS - Each token easily fits around the base of any 1" diameter mini base. Our exclusive ENLARGED TOKEN takes up 4 grid squares for better visualization on your board. Now everyone will know an ENLARGED creatures threatened squares.

🧙‍♂️ BUILT TO LAST - Avoid cracking or chipping from acrylic markers, because we 3D print each condition token in the USA for years of regular gaming use. Our tokens are durable but lightweight to avoid tipping over or damaging your miniatures.

👑 BETTER GAMEPLAY - An easier time tracking conditions and spells means everyone can stay immersed in the action and really feel like a RAGING barbarian instead of bean counter. D&D gets more and more crunchy with each new version but now you don't have to let the CRUNCH control the STORY.

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SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so confident you and your friends will love your new full color condition markers that we backup each order with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Join thousands of happy gamers and Dungeon Masters...Click Add-to-Cart to order your 77 piece set Today!
dnd battlemat condition rings

WildBot3D is one of the original DND 3D printed condition marker makers. We make all our products in house in the USA from premium filaments in a wide range of colors that won’t chip, warp or bend even after years of use.

Unique Colors

Unlike other D&D condition rings, each of our conditions features a unique color for quicker identification and smoother more fun game play.

Our condition rings are extremely durable, yet lightweight to protect your amazing mini figures and terrain pieces.

Better for the DM and other Players

Finally, Dungeon Masters can save time, confusion and materials on messy paper sheets and bulky white boards.

The smoother game play makes the DM’s job easier and makes gameplay smoother and easier to follow for every player at the table.

Token Pack Includes:

  • 3 x Bane – Silver
  • 2 x Banished – White
  • 3 x Blessed – Gold
  • 4 x Blinded – Black
  • 4 x Charmed – Magenta
  • 4 x Concentration – Blue
  • 2 x Cursed – Bronze
  • 4 x Deafened – Brown
  • 4 x Frightened – Yellow
  • 4 x Grappled – Beige
  • 2 x Hexed – Purple
  • 2 x Hunter's Mark – Dark Green
  • 4 x Incapacitated – Mint Blue
  • 4 x Invisible – Clear
  • 4 x Paralyzed – Orange
  • 4 x Petrified – Gray
  • 4 x Poisoned - Bright green
  • 2 x Raging – Red
  • 4 x Restrained – Khaki
  • 4 x Stunned – Teal
  • 4 x Unconscious – Maroon
  • 2 x Physical Effect - Light Purple
  • 2 x Magic Effect – Pink
  • 1 x Enlarged Token


Join thousands of happy DnD players and tabletop gamers…Click Add-to-Cart  to order your full set of 77 condition marker rings Today!