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  • ALL IN ONE PACK: Each pack comes with 77 color-coded tabletop game condition markers for 24 different effects in different colors so you can easily know what conditions a character has without having to remember or waste space on your character sheet
  • STEP UP YOUR GAME: Our tabletop RPG circle markers are the perfect choice for any Dungeon Master that wants to elevate the experience of the game by adding a fun yet functional touch.
  • OK, HOW DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS?: No more forgetting to factor in condition and spell effects.
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Our role-playing game condition markers are carefully designed to provide just the right fit for a wide variety of minis with a 1-inch base. The markers are durable yet lightweight to prevent the characters from tipping over when used
  • OPTIMIZED FOR D&D 5E: We put a lot of thought into which conditions/spell effects to include. You'll wonder how you ever ran a D&D campaign without them!


Making Tracking Character’s Condition or Status Easier Than Ever Before With Wildbot3D Condition Markers

Your party is going through a fearsome dungeon where your characters have to deal with one condition after another which means you’ll need to write and erase conditions from your character sheet again and again.

We know how tiring that can be which is why we designed this pack of tabletop board game condition markers to provide you with convenient rings that go around your characters and can easily be removed to show what condition your character has at a glance.

dungeons and dragons action
Track Any Condition Or Status Without Marking Or Erasing

Condition trackers for miniatures RPG player pieces are made using durable materials that are lightweight. They make the perfect gift for any dungeon master and are sure to make the game more enjoyable for other players if you’re the GM.

Each marker is color-coded and has the name of the conditions molded on to them making these the perfect choice for any adventuring party. You can stack multiple status marker rings to easily keep track of all the conditions your character has.

Package Includes:
3 x Bane – Silver
2 x Banished - White
3 x Blessed - Gold
4 x Blinded - Black
4 x Charmed - Magenta
4 x Concentration - Blue
2 x Cursed - Bronze
4 x Deafened - Brown
4 x Frightened - Yellow
4 x Grappled - Beige
2 x Hexed - Purple
2 x Hunter's Mark -Dark Green
4 x Incapacitated - Mint Green
4 x Invisible - Clear
4 x Paralyzed - Orange
4 x Petrified - Gray
4 x Poisoned - Bright green
2 x Raging - Red
4 x Restrained - Khaki
4 x Stunned - Teal
4 x Unconscious - Maroon
2 x Physical Effect - Light Purple
2 x Magic Effect - Pink
1 x Enlarged Token


Customer Reviews

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Awesome rings, makes dming and playing easier and more...

Awesome rings, makes dming and playing easier and more clear. Shipping was quick, no issues

I am one of seven players at a D&D table and these status...

I am one of seven players at a D&D table and these status rings make it very easy to track what is going on in combat. Highly highly recommended.

Good quality and covers all the conditions, completely worth...

Good quality and covers all the conditions, completely worth it!!

Amazing product, just as described

Amazing product, just as described

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