💫24 Different Spells and Conditions

🌟 Intuitive Colors

🧙🏻‍♂️ Designed by D&D Players

💯100 Pieces

🧮Condition Markers + Mob Markers

👜Clear Plastic Organizer

💯100 Rings

✨Inspiration Token

💣 20 Ammo Tokens (Ammo Cans)

🚧 30 Hazard Tokens (Traffic Cones)

🗳 10 Vote Tokens

🏁 1 Pole Position

Shiny Math Rocks! Click-Clack!

Condition Rings Expansion Set - 30 Rings

Expansion set to our wildly popular condition rings for D&D 5e. Set of 30 rings.

🎨Dual color and easy to read
✨Printed in beautiful shiny/silky filament
💎Printed in solid colored plastic so there's no paint to chip off.

4 Fly
4 Mage Armor
4 Faerie Fire
4 Reduced
4 Blur
4 Haste
4 Polymorphed
2 Enlarged

Designed by me and made in Rossville, GA USA.