💫24 Different Spells and Conditions

🌟 Intuitive Colors

🧙🏻‍♂️ Designed by D&D Players

🦅Fly - 🧙‍♂️Mage Armor

🎆Faerie Fire - 💨Haste

👁‍🗨 Blur - 🤏Reduced



🧞‍♂️ 13 Class Icons

🧮 Numbers I - V

🀄 5 Symbols

🎇Great gift for your DM. If you're the Dungeon Master, these are great for rewarding your players for creativity and good roleplay.

🎶With these tokens in front of them, players will remember to use Inspiration for those important rolls.

📜DM Screen Initiative Trackers

🔖Use our free web app to create your own custom labels.

🐉Initiative/Mob Tracker Rings

🎨Dual-color for readability

💣 20 Ammo Tokens (Ammo Cans)

🚧 30 Hazard Tokens (Traffic Cones)

🗳 10 Vote Tokens

🏁 1 Pole Position

🥅 Numbered 1-6 by the number of ammo cans.

Available in 25mm, 32mm, or 40mm.

Sniper, Scout, Comms, Combat, Veteran, Zealot, Medic, Leader, Heavy, Demo, Commander

Intruder Bases for Nemesis

24 ♻ Yellow GarbageCans 🥫
24 🛢Black OilDrums 🪔
24 ⛏ Brown Minecarts full of Black Coal🛤
12 ☢ Red NuclearCooling Towers⚛
1 🍱 Divided Storage Container

🧩Board game Bits




🔩Small Parts

🧩 Three Token Bowls

🎴 Two Slots for Cards

🎨 Bright Colors

4️⃣ Set of Four

Set of 10 Oil Drums in silver PLA plastic plus 3 Pallets printed in real woodfillPLA.

28mm Scale Scatter Terrain
🛢5 Barrels 
📦4 Crates
💰8 Sacks

💫 Track Conditions
🎲🎲 Track Health

16⚪for normalmonsters
8🟡for elitemonsters
4🔴for bossmonsters

gloomhaven treasure chests

Upgrade Your Game

🎒Multiple Inner Pockets

😻 Faux Leather

😻 Faux Leather

Red Oak

100% Merino Wool Felt


100% Merino Wool Felt

Premium Handmade Wooden Dice Trays

These dice trays have one area for storing dice or miniatures and another for rolling. Never again watch your dice bounce off the table and roll under a nearby chair. No one likes chasing wayward dice. The felt-lined rolling surface dampens the clattering just enough so you won't annoy your neighbors (too much) on game night.

Handmade in my own backyard shop in Rossville, Georgia USA. Available made from poplar or red oak. Felt linings are made from 100% Virgin Merino Wool.

Available Lining:
Navy Wool Felt
Green Wool Felt
Red Wool Felt

Poplar is cream-colored hardwood with occasional green streaks that gives it a unique look. Very underrated in my opinion.

Red Oak is also hardwood that's a light tan color with a reddish tinge.

Felt pads on bottom so it won't scratch your gaming table.

Dimensions are 10.5" x 8" x 1.5" (266mm x 203mm x 38mm) overall with a 7" x 7" (178mm x 178mm) rolling area and a 2" x 7" (50mm x 178mm) storage area.

Dice not included. Can't have the minis either.

Since no two trees are the same, no two dice trays will have the same pattern. The tray you receive is unlikely to exactly match the ones pictured.